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Exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS), also known as synthetic stucco, is a type of exterior cladding that is made up of several layers, including foam insulation board, a base coat, reinforcing mesh, and a textured finish coat.

One of the benefits of an exterior insulation and finishing system is that it provides an additional layer of insulation to a building’s exterior, which can help improve energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs. Besides, it provides some degree of sound insulation, which can help reduce noise pollution and create a more comfortable indoor environment.

EIFS is a complex system that requires proper installation to ensure that it functions correctly and lasts. As expert EIFS installers, we have the knowledge and experience to install the system properly, including properly sealing joints and using the correct materials and techniques to ensure that the system is watertight. Improper EIFS installation techniques can lead to water damage and moisture intrusion. That’s why we always strive to get the job done right. Our specialists are knowledgeable about local building codes and regulations and can ensure that the system is installed in compliance with these requirements. This can help avoid potential legal and financial issues in the future.

If you’re looking for a premier contractor that specializes in exterior insulation and finishing system installation, look no further than Stone Drywall Solutions. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch EIFS installation for a wide range of commercial properties, including office buildings, restaurants, retail spaces, warehouses, industrial property, and many more.


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