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Level 4 Smooth Finishes

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The sophistication level of the drywall finish needed for specific locations in your Dallas home depends upon the room and its purpose, the main type of illumination in the room (artificial or natural lighting), the type of wall texture you prefer, and whether you’d like to top off your walls with gloss, semi-gloss, or satin paint.

Within the six levels of drywall finishes, rarely is there a need to apply a finish above level four. In fact, in many cases, a level three drywall finish is preferred, particularly for walls that are covered with thick, decorative textures like the infamous orange peel, knock down (flattened orange peel), stomp brush (thick mud textured with a thick bristled “crow’s foot” brush), or an artistic skip trowel texture (thick mud troweled to look like stucco).

A Refined Look with a Level 4 Finish.

A level four drywall finish is a residential grade application perfect for walls that will be covered with light textures and flat paints. (We do not recommend gloss or semi-gloss for this finish.) When we apply a finish of level four sophistication, we ensure that all joints and screw holes are covered enough that they become invisible, and we sand the walls before painting to ensure they look flat and present a sheen. We also take care to install corner beads with great precision so the corners of your walls look clean and straight. Finally, we apply a primer to ensure a perfect surface for painting.

The six levels of drywall finishing:

  1. Zero: the drywall is hung, but no tape or mud.
  2. One: one coat of mud along all joints.
  3. Two: tape is bedded and covered with one skim coat and screw holes are covered.
  4. Three: another coat of mud applied over the tape and screw holes.
  5. Four (standard interior finish): a final mud coat on tape and screws, which is then sanded.
  6. Five: a premium finish of a thin, final skim coat to give the wall a smooth, glossy sheen.

Level 4 Smooth Finishes

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