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Level 5 Smooth Finishes

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Level five is the best drywall finish you can get for your Dallas Home. The only thing better, perhaps, would be alabaster walls!

The differences between levels four and five are subtle, but the end products provide two distinctive, aesthetic effects. A level five finish includes everything of the level four finish, but at the end of the process, a premium level five finish adds fine sanding and a final skim coat, which is meticulously sheared off with a joint knife or trowel to give the wall a smooth, uniformly flat surface. These final techniques needed to achieve a level five finish are a bit more expensive because the process takes longer than preparing a wall that will be covered with a texture and a flat paint skin.

In most residential homes in Dallas, the precision of a level five finish is not really necessary. Level five works best in:

  • Areas where natural, accented, directed, or dramatic lighting will expose imperfections
  • Areas that will require gloss or semi-gloss paint
  • Businesses, municipal buildings, galleries, hotels, and high-end residences

Of course, the decision between a level four and a level five finish is all yours. You know what you want and we know how to do it. That makes for a great combination!

From simply throwing up drywall in your garage or shed to crafting flawless walls in your residence or commercial space, our drywall experts are here to provide you with the best drywall work for your Dallas-Fort Worth home or business. What we do is not rocket science, but quality drywall work does require experience, expertise, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. We’ve got all that, and we take it a bit further: We are dedicated to providing you the best customer service throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Level 5 Smooth Finishes

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