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Hanging drywall doesn’t involve rocket science. Finishing drywall, however, takes some expertise, attention to detail, and a keen eye for quality. Any mistakes in the finish will stand out like a sore thumb when the job is finished… which would mean the job isn’t really finished and will need to be torn apart and redone. To avoid any mishaps, be sure to hire our team in Dallas for residential drywall installation and wall texturing services.

That’s why Stone Drywall Solutions is your best bet for drywall installation and finishing. We are conscientious about the work we do, and that makes all the difference in the world when applying special drywall finishes.

There are six levels of drywall finishes:

  • Zero is the lowest; the drywall is hung, but that is all―no tape or mud.
  • One means tape is bedded in mud along all joints.
  • Two means the tape is covered with a skim coat and screw holes are covered.
  • Three is another application of mud over the tape and screw holes.
  • Four is the standard interior finish, with a final mud coat on the tape and screws, and then sanding.
  • Five is the premium finish, and is achieved with a final skim coat over the entire wall to give it a smooth, glossy sheen.


Our residential drywall installation team in Dallas has found that most home interiors do not need more than a level four finish, and often level three is preferred on walls that will receive a thick texture specialty finish like knockdown, orange peel, skip trowel, or stomp brush.

Special Finishes

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When it’s time to drywall your remodeling project or your newly constructed home, we will discuss with you all the details of which special finishes you should use for each living space involved in your project, and we’ll provide quotes for the installation of the drywall and each level of finish, including a cost and time quote for the various specialty finishes we offer. Give Stone Drywall Solutions a call today to request your quote on our residential drywall installations and wall texturing services in Dallas. We’re ready to add quality to your home!

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