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There’s only one way to hang drywall properly, and when it’s not done correctly, it can cause unsightly and costly issues down the road. At our drywall finishing company in Dallas, our tape and bed contractors know how to hang drywall the right way, and our team of experts is ready to help with your next project, whether for your home or commercial property.

We use only quality drywall compound (bedding). You will never catch us using some random putty or cheap glue paste. We hang drywall the right way, because we don’t know how to do it any other way. We tape and bed in three coats: the first with a 6-inch blade, the second with an 8-inch blade, and the final feathered coat with a 10-inch blade. When we’re done with our work, the wall is perfectly flat, with no blisters, wrinkles, folds, or tears. Whether working with butt joints or recessed joints, we guarantee your drywall will go up and stay up, for a quality finish that will last.

Always The Highest Standards.

Do you want sharp, undented corners and soffits with no wavy borders? We can do that. Our Dallas based tape and bed contractors have high standards and never settle for imperfection. Any other way is just poor quality, and we stand by our quality and dedication to doing things right. We work hard to earn the reputation for delivering superior work.

After we’ve hung the drywall and are done with the tape and bed, we can texture your wall with sprayed or hand-applied orange peel or even artistic, one-of-a-kind skip trowel. When all that dries, we’ll paint it. Our drywall finishing company in Dallas does it all, from start to finish.

Tape and Bed

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